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Step into the world of Fiction, founded by award-winning duo Atanas & Jordan, respected globally for their innovative work.

Jordan Petrov — Strategy partner (← left)

I’ve spent over a decade guiding teams to success in customer insights, brand building and product strategy. Let me help you define your brand and bring your product to market.

Atanas Teodosiev — Creative partner (right →)

My passion lies in helping brands lead with a confident personality and make a positive impact. Let me use my over 15 years of experience in digital and identity design to help you.

Our Philosophy

Science fiction has often been credited with spurring on technological and societal advancement, from the Wright brothers to Google's original concept. Here at Fiction, we believe that innovation is rooted in giving people the power to dream and take action. We take tentative steps to actualize the plans of our imagination, transforming wild technological ideas into reality.

This is where strong brand leadership comes into play. Building an unforgettable brand is essential to attracting and retaining the most talented employees and customers, as well as raising the funds needed to realize your vision. Let’s join forces and visualize your brand’s future successes.

An expert team to create with

We're a remote-first team of strategists, designers, copywriters and builders, ready to work from anywhere in Europe. But if you're nearby, let's grab a coffee at our base in Factory Berlin or Sofia office.


Building brands that stand the test of time is what we do best. Our history proves it – our clients have come from humble beginnings to shake up categories and create value for people's lives in their own way.

Our guiding principles

While realizing the future we envision, we aim to use creative thinking to bridge the gap between imagination and reality. These are our key operating principles:

Honest partner

With our approach to teamwork, we prioritize candid conversations and respect over politeness, and actively listen to all voices.

Simplify for clarity

Through minimalism and focusing on the essence, we tame complexity, resulting in clarity of thought for everyone involved.

Leading change

We embrace novelty and constantly seize new opportunities through creativity, resourcefulness, and fearless boldness.

Curiosity driven

Our insatiable, curious nature propels us to challenge ourselves and push boundaries beyond the limits of our imagination.

Our featured coverage

The—Brand Identity



Department of Noise


Department of Noise





Our partners in innovation


Hear it from our customers

"FictionDesign team was very strong in communicating with us throughout the whole process."

Philipp Blankenagel
VP Marketing & Communications
"Their professionalism, empathy, human touch, and perfectionism to every detail of the process set them apart."

Nick Todorov
Co-Founder & CEO
"The team's highly-structured approach, constant communication, and the quality of the deliverables are impressive."
Vuyiswa M'Cwabeni
Co-Founder & CxO
"We liked their past work, culture, and approach."

Ph!L!pp Schweidler
Director Strategy & Creation
Department of Noise

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