Fiction’s future:
Our new identity

February 24, 2023
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This is it. We're excited to reveal Fiction's next chapter - our fresh new brand identity. It is an embodiment of our values of creativity, innovation, and collaboration and reflects who we are as a company.

We are dedicated to helping ambitious ventures across various sectors, including SaaS companies, health tech startups, and FinTech firms, establish and strengthen their brands. Our refined positioning results from years of experience working with high-growth and scale-up businesses, gaining insights into the critical elements that comprise a strong brand.

The story at the heart of our brand

At Fiction, we believe that fiction has always been a powerful tool to drive our imaginations. It helps us dream about the impossible and make it happen. Thanks to storytelling, the impossible has become a reality, driving our technological advances and global progress. We want to help you create a brand that inspires your customers to become their very best selves. Our mission is simple - to help you make sense of the future and turn your ideas into reality.

What this means to you - our clients and partners

Our team is committed to enabling high-growth startups to achieve high-margin growth and become category leaders. We do this by providing guidance through strategy construction, planning, analysis, decision-making, design, and executing more intricate fieldwork activities.

Our multi-phase approach embraces novel ideas and unexpected paths - it's about taking risks to get ahead of the pack. This experience culminates in our forthcoming brand marketing consulting offering, which we can't wait to unveil gradually over the next few months.

A new symbol and wordmark

Our brandmark resembles "F", the first letter of our name, "Fiction". The negative space formed by the two lines represents our strive to explore, stay curious, and deliver growth to our partners. We aim to align with our client's interests while also providing fresh perspectives towards their customer's needs. The supporting bespoke word mark typography projects simplicity, approachability and progress with the lowercase sans serif letterforms.

Brand new visual language

We have incorporated the notion of "reflection" and "refraction" throughout the visual language, elaborating on the idea that we're here to reflect our clients' wants while refracting, changing, and giving them new perspectives toward the needs of their customers. Our process takes time and evolves as we move forward in our thinking, and unexpected ideas are most likely to win.

We wanted to project a rhythm that visually brings to life the living process of collaborating with our clients throughout defining a new strategy for their business. This is where motion came to help us. We reflect this visually through animation techniques such as morphing shapes or transforming simple objects into more complex structures.

Thanks for being with us

We hope you like our new brand identity. We're thrilled to begin this new phase of our journey and anticipate sharing further updates with you. We're grateful for your continued support through the years!

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