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Capnamic Ventures is a Germany-based venture capital firm that invests in early and growth-stage companies across a wide range of industries.

As Capnamic approached Fiction Design, the brand had been pretty much unchanged since the very beginning. Due to its simplicity, it had served the company well for many years. Yet, it was no longer reflecting their ambition or meeting the expectations of their community. They knew it was time to move on to something more modern and contemporary.

The first step was bringing everyone on the same page through an alignment workshop. This provided an opportunity for everyone to share their vision for the future of the brand and identify any areas of disagreement.

We co-created the new identity together through workshops. This helped us explore their story as an organization and dial up a confident personality. One needed to portray in future communications campaigns with founders and investors.


We produced a new set of visual assets, including photography styles, typographic hierarchy and colour bold patterns. These allowed Capnamic a palette of elements that they can use across all media to tell their story to their network.These cohesive visuals have helped them better connect with early-stage founders and the broader startup community.

At its heart, the visual language celebrates humanity’s ability to dream big and build amazing things. And it seeks to inspire others to do the same. The style is clean and minimalistic, with a focus on strong visuals and simple messages. It’s about getting people excited about the future and empowering them to change the world..


Philipp Blankenagel
VP Marketing & Communications

"FictionDesign team was very strong in communicating with us throughout the whole process."


Capnamic is a rebranding success story. The company has redefined itself as a leading investor in the startup space.

Its increased visibility has led to more website usage, social media engagement, and newsletter subscribers. Capnamic’s new identity enables them to better support the next generation of category-defining companies


The design for the Capnamic was featured in "The Best Logo Designs" on DesignRush.


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