Dare to be different


A visual identity that strikes a balance between accessibility and edginess, between mainstream appeal and rebelliousness.

Circula, a young fintech startup, came to us with a mission: to make people's lives easier and allow them to save the irreplaceable value of time by simplifying and automating expense management and reporting. This innovative spirit drove our rebranding process with Circula, as we sought ways to translate their strategy into something both coherent and rebellious.


We started by performing a brand personality exercise in order to determine how Circula saw itself - mass appeal feel combined with a rebellious spirit. From this baseline, we began creating visual direction combining pastel colors, smooth forms and clear visuals that represented Circula’s enthusiasm and inventive nature while communicating the brand's identity.

As part of the project, we also incorporated Sharp Grotesk font to add stability to the visual language, along with custom illustrations that communicated ordinary situations and underscored Circula’s mission of saving essential resources for its customers.


Our work with Circula showcases the incredible impact that a strategic visual identity can have.

By taking consumer marketing principles and applying them to a B2B brand, we were able to humanise the brand in a way that created differentiation, yet still felt relevant to their ideal customers.

Our deliberate design choices ultimately resulted in an identity that was more cohesive and had greater longevity than any quick gains associated with flashy gimmicks – emphasizing how thoughtful branding can not only properly introduce an idea but also to serve as a tool to support it deeply.



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