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Eleven ventures


Eleven Ventures is on a mission to propel startup businesses beyond regional boundaries and into global markets.

With their motto of empowering local heroes, Eleven has been one of SEE's leading early-stage venture capital firms for years now.

They supported more than 150 companies from launch through growth including several unicorns in development with plans set high up ahead. The core visual language elements of their new identity, aim to illustrate the journey that startups go on when they are given tools and mentorship from experienced investors and advisors.


Eleven has been one of the organizations to pioneer corporate innovation programmes in SEE, acting as a driver for collaboration and innovation between startups and enterprises around five technology verticals - Fintech, Healthcare, Future of Food, Future of Work, and Ecomtech.

That's why they have pinpointed these five key investment areas as a focus for their latest fund. Those are the categories where Eleven can maximize synergies with other companies and achieve better returns than average, leading to greater success overall in their efforts over time. Also, this sets these guys apart from most regional VC funds that are usually industry-agnostic.


With the fresh new look of Eleven, we aimed to introduce an evolved identity, that matches the innovative and respected image the firm has already established. It's about streamlining their initiatives with simple branding principles. The detailed set of guidelines is meant to empower the team so they can continue upbeat expectations for success while developing market-leading companies and even more exciting new partnerships.


Eleven Alpha programm supports enterpreneurs in the early days of their endeavors.

Starting something new can be daunting, but it doesn't have to be done alone. The Eleven Alpha programme offers outstanding entrepreneurs personalised support and expertise to help them unlock their potential and reach new heights. The fast and simple process will get them moving forward from day one. And a community of peers will back them up.


The wordmark encapsulates the essence of the programme. We chose a sharp, modern typeface that communicates speed and movement. The custom "alpha" symbol we placed at the beginning, and the end of the wordmark symbolizes a cycle. Eleven Alpha is the first phase of building an outstanding company. This is where we establish the foundation for everything that will come afterwards. The looping effect also suggests endless possibilities and unbound potential. Our mark is about starting something new and taking on a trajectory towards success with the help of an amazing community.


At its core, every great achievement is the result of collaboration and communal effort. No man is an island, and even the most outstanding builders know it takes a supportive community to achieve great heights. This is why we chose to use motion graphics to show the path of the builder. Through simple geometric forms, we were able to communicate this message. It all starts with a small state. The builder sets out on a journey. They may not know where they're going, but they have the drive to keep moving forward. As they gain momentum, more and more elements come together to support them. The community sees the potential in the builder and rallies behind them.


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