eCommerce reimagined

Revitalize the eCommerce experience in Latin America with Hellotext's cutting-edge technology.

Hellotext was a new startup with a big vision when they approached us for help. Our task was to create a comprehensive brand identity that would help them stand out and be remembered in the Latin American eCommerce landscape.

We created every aspect of the brand from the ground up, including the brand strategy, narrative, and positioning, as well as the visual identity and website. We created an identity for them to help them bring their vision to life through collaboration, research, and strategic analysis.

Our first step was to create a compelling brand narrative. "Welcome to Hellotext, the engagement platform that is revolutionizing the Latin American eCommerce landscape by assisting businesses in unlocking untapped potential and reaching new heights of growth."


We wanted to create a visual identity that was distinct from others in the category, so we came up with a scheme that contrasted vivid colors with more muted tones while still maintaining a warm aesthetic to reflect the Latin America region's rich cultural heritage.

Our word mark consists of an abstract yet straightforward symbol and a witty yet elegant typeface. The Hellotext user interface, applications, and swag all feature characters from its intricate geometry, guaranteeing that no one will go unnoticed or uncared for.


By creating a unique and memorable identity for Hellotext, we have given them the platform to strengthen their mission of improving people’s lives through technology-driven customer engagement solutions.

We have made sure to incorporate all of these elements into a unified package as well as providing a website design that emphasizes Hellotext platform's unique advantages.



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