Learning by connecting

Wave goodbye to conformist structures and begin your journey towards an interconnected workplace with Mentessa.

Connecting with the collective intelligence of a group is at the core of Mentessa, who required our help to craft a new identity that would bring forward their vision for the future of work. We teamed up together and carefully crafted every element of their brand — narrative, human persona, positioning, visual and verbal identity and guidelines.

We wanted to create a visual concept that emphasizes the importance of informal learning in any organisation. Informal learning takes on many forms- conversations at water coolers, mentorship relationships, as well as interactions on social media platforms- all of which make up our daily work lives. By understanding and harnessing this power, organisations can create a stronger bond among their employees and propel performance.


The creative direction we went in was centered around the idea of an ever-changing ecosystem.

Our visual language used flat shapes to represent “M” while dynamically representing how informal interactions in the workspace happen. We also added another layer to include custom 3D elements interacting with each other and showcasing how any growing organisation is constantly going through flux.

The color palette needed to be both bold yet comforting. Authentic people photography and a custom wordmark with friendly edges amplified the visual language's comforting feel.


At Mentessa’s core is "Learning by Connecting", an approach that encourages collaboration over competition and values everyone for their skillset, enabling them to reach their full potential. This type of learning has become increasingly valuable in response to traditional corporate structures, where conformity often prevails over creativity or innovation.

Mentessa has revolutionised organisational culture, making it possible for everyone to feel like they are part of something larger than themselves, unlocking hidden potential within teams and providing transparency for swift decision-making across departments or silos of expertise such as customer experience or go-to-market effectiveness. It’s this mindset that binds us together, allowing us all to flourish working collaboratively towards one common purpose.



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