Virtual realities await

Welcome to a new era where virtual realms become part of any successful marketing strategy, courtesy of SpatialGo.

As the virtual world continues to evolve and its potential becomes more and more apparent, brands are clamoring to find new ways to connect with customers and fulfil their marketing goals. Enter SpacialGo, a platform that enables brands to explore innovative experiences within the metaverse. Pioneering Metaverse analytics, it revolutionizes customer experience across multiple channels while providing a unique opportunity for them to unlock the possibilities of this incredible new world.

Together with the SpatialGo team, we crafted an expression strategy and brand identity that reflects both the novelty of their solution and puts people at its core. Through this, we created a unified framework for the company - one that is aspirational yet practical, sophisticated yet easy to understand - enabling them to reach their full potential in this ever-changing technological landscape.


The visual identity of SpatialGo reflects the exploration inherent in the virtual world it facilitates.

The use of light creates an impression of depth, while also evoking feelings of calm and excitement. This is further accentuated by a color palette deliberately chosen for its ability to bring out these elements.

Through its symbol and choice of colors, SpacialGo’s visuals set it apart from competing solutions, instantly making it recognizable and unique.


The metaverse offers limitless potential for brand growth, with opportunities ranging from custom experiences to fully immersive events to interactive 3D environments. Branded experiences created using SpacialGo can become powerful tools for achieving marketing goals such as engaging customers more effectively or launching new products and services in a meaningful way.

We are quickly approaching a future wherein the virtual realm will be a key part of any successful marketing strategy. With SpacialGo leading the way in providing creative solutions for transforming digital engagement, brands can now make their mark on this ever-evolving digital space - from creating impactful storytelling campaigns to building customized environments tailored to each customer’s needs.



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